When we LOOK good, we FEEL great!

I know if I’m having a “daggy day” (not worrying too much about hair and make-up) it definitely reflects in my attitude. BUT when I do take the time to zhoosh up my hair and put on my face, I feel a million bucks – and this shines through in everything I do. Confidence levels soar, energy lifts, and I just feel great in my own body and mind!

When I married and started having children, I made a secret promise to myself that I would always make the effort to “put my best foot forward” – to look nice and present well when I was out and about – at school, work, functions or wherever! I still keep that promise to this day…to them, and myself!

I’m excited to have joined Mary Kay (Australia) as an Independent Beauty Consultant, so I can share these beautiful skin care, cosmetics and body products, and help other women look and feel great too.

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Autumn-Winter Look Book 2019

Founded by Mary Kay Ash in the USA in 1963, and the opening its first international venture in Australia in 1971 – Mary Kay has helped women around the world look great, feel great and achieve their dreams.

Over 50 years later, Mary Kay continues to offer customised skin care, cosmetics and body products that deliver the benefits you want and healthy-looking radiant skin you’ll love. Express your unique style and personality with captivating makeup and colour products based on the hottest trends. Ask me to customise a look just for you.



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