Well here we are heading into July (we’re almost half way through Winter), and it’s generally about now that we really start to feel the effects of the colder weather and shorter days . I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely NOT A FAN of either!!!

As it happens, I also broke my foot a few weeks ago, and man did I do a good job of it! Heel broken into 4-5 pieces (ouch) which has slowed me down no end – ie. stuck at home, unable to go to work, and bum down, foot up for a minimum of 8 weeks. Even the most basic of tasks like going to the toilet or having a shower is a major mission that requires the pre-planning and precision of a night strike behind enemy lines! It’s doing my head in!!!

BUT…this little curve-ball that the Universe has delivered has definitely given me the time and room to pause and think! She (the Universe) has a funny habit of doing shit like that! If you don’t pay attention, she’ll serve up a lesson that will force you to stop and listen. So over these last few weeks I’ve done plenty of reviewing, re-assessing and revising.

I must confess that since October 2017 when I decided to “get a real job” (work for someone else, this new career has/had kind of taken over my life as I previously knew it. I’ve struggled to fit in all (actually ANY) of the things I used to do – eat well, exercise regularly, and give myself plenty of space for ME time! All that went out the window, and I think this little mishap was the Universe’s way of tapping me on the shoulder and whispering…

“Hey Girlfriend….WTF are you doing to your body and mind? You KNOW you feel like shit. You KNOW what you SHOULD be doing. You’ve gotta start looking after yourself. As a matter of fact, here’s a broken foot. Now take 8 weeks off and get your shit sorted woman!” 

And here we are….my personal Winter Wellness Project begins today. 31 Days to nourish my body (properly), get it moving again (as much as I’m allowed), get my health back in order, and detoxing / low-toxing my body, beauty, home and lifestyle. TAKE BACK CONTROL, AND GET HAPPY!


Throughout July I’ll be posting regularly about what I’m doing and sharing lots of tips with you all, so if you’d like to jump on the Winter Wellness Project with me, make sure to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram  for all the updates.

I hope you can join me…

❤ Cherene x


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