If you’re tired of your tired old kitchen – whether it be in your “forever home” or for re-sale/tennancy purposes, here are our expert tips to give your old kitchen a fresh new “Designer Look”! 


If you can stay with the current layout of your kitchen you can keep costs down. When you start moving walls, cabinets,plumbing and electrical you start getting into big money. So if the general layout of your cabinets, sink and appliances is OK, leave them alone and start from there – and you can still end up with a totally different look AND a more functional kitchen.

Before & After


Open shelving in kitchens is very on trend! It opens up the space and offers a place to display your favourite pieces. This can be a good idea or a bad idea depending on how neat you are. You can get the look in 2 different ways.

a) Keep you existing overhead cabinets and remove the doors and hinges, or

b) Install new open shelving.

When selecting your shelving consider –

  • The thickness and strength of the material.
  • What material your shelving is made of – make it compliment your other materials used.
  • The height of each shelf for easy access. Will it be for daily use or to display items?
  • Hidden brackets will create a streamlined look without the need for bulky hardware.



Replacing your old laminated benchtops with a brand new stone benchtop, will add a little luxury and increase the value of your kitchen (and of course your home). OK, we may be a little biased, but stone tops are beautiful, functional and hard wearing. When around 90% of the population is or already has upgraded to stone (whether it be engineered/quartz or natural stone) – we think that speaks volumes – and with literally hundreds of colours, styles and price points to choose from, we’re confident you will find something to suit your style and budget!


A couple of things to take into consideration –

  • When removing old benchtops, some damage to the splashback is almost unavoidable. Be prepared to replace your splashback as well – and to be honest… why wouldn’t you when you’re investing time and money into a quality makeover?
  • Old laminated benchtops are normally around 33mm thick, and MOST stone slabs are 20mm thick. If you are not replacing your splashback, there will most likely be a gap between your new top and old splashback.
  • When replacing benchtops, you will need to arrange for a licensed plumber and electrician to disconnect and reconnect your sink, cooktop and any other appliances/plumbing in your benchtop.
  • Don’t forget ACCESS to get your new benchtops inside. My friends at Hunter Valley Granite & Marble get stone tops into even the trickiest of places…

Crane Lifting Top


There are literally thousands of splashback options these days! Everything from tiles, to glass, to stailess steel – and of course stone. Think about how you use your kitchen when making a decision. Do you like the mosaic or subway tile look, and are you prepared to clean tiles and grout? Maybe you prefer the painted glass look. Another option of course, is stone. You can either continue the colour you use on your benchtops up your splashback, or use your splashback as a feature and use something different, but which compliments your style.

New York Marble - CDK Stone

New York Marble Splashback – CDK Stone


If your kitchen is looking tired and hopelessly past its Use By Date, then I’m guessing that your appliances are quite possibly a bit “long in the tooth” as well. This is the perfect time to update your cooktop, rangehood, sink, tapware, and maybe even the oven. It doesn’t have to cost the earth to get some stylish new appliances these days. For just over $1000 you can pick up a complete kitchen package.

Winnings Appliances Showroom

Check out my good friends at Winnings Appliances


Changing your lighting can also transform your kitchen and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Whether you decide to ditch the old fashioned Track Lights or Fluoro’s and replace them with some low voltage halogen downlights, or make a stylish statement with some funky pendant lights, your kitchen space will be lighter and brighter than before.


Both Downlights and Pendants light up this kitchen

What other great ideas do you have to makeover a kitchen? Drop them in the comments below 🙂

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